Here we document the healing God has brought about in our lives through his merciful love.

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The Testimonies

The Lord healed me of severe back pain.

May 6, 2018

Hi my name is Francisco Barajas and I want to share my healing testimony. Please let me know if this is too long. Thanks!

Glory be to Jesus Christ for healing my back pain!!!

Five years ago, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because of severe back pain. The doctors told me I had 3 herniated discs in my lower back. They recommended certain exercises and said I could avoid having surgery as long as I kept my weight in check and did my back exercises regularly. I was to avoid heavy lifting and always wear a back brace for lifting even lighter objects. Unfortunately, I was not quite as faithful to this regimen as I could have been.

In 2017, I was bedridden for days with excruciating back pain on three different occasions. I was determined to take my health more seriously in 2018 and began running more and doing my back exercises even more regularly. This did make a big difference, but every morning I still woke up with minor pain and stiffness in my lower back, reminding me that this injury was still very real. Every morning I would wash my hands in the bathroom by supporting my weight with my elbows on the counter, just to avoid having this minor pain turn into something much worse. I was reasonably happy with my progress, but I still considered myself as someone with a “back injury”.

My wife and I attended the Healing Encounter at Resurrection on April 14th, 2018. We were mainly there to pray for inner healing, but I decided get prayers for my back as well. My wife and a handful of people I didn’t know came and laid their hands on me and prayed out loud for healing for my back. It was a nice moment, but I didn’t feel anything special happen in my body that night.

The next day as I went through my morning routine, I realized that my back pain was completely gone. Completely! No twinge, no supporting my weight on my elbows, nothing! I started my usual morning prayer time in a strange state of excitement and disbelief. Did God really heal me last night? I couldn’t help but think about my run on the treadmill the day before where my joints felt great. Could that have had such an effect on my back?

I’m trying to grow in hearing the Lord speak to me personally through the Bible, so I decided to take my doubts straight to God’s word. I prayed, “Lord, did you really heal me last night?” I flipped open the Bible “randomly” and my eyes were immediately drawn to the following verse:

Matthew 14:34-36

"When they had crossed over, they came to land at Gennesaret. After the people of that place recognized him, they sent word throughout the region and brought all who were sick to him, and begged him that they might touch even the fringe of his cloak; and all who touched it were healed."

There was my answer, in black and white text, jumping off the page at me. In fact, it was so specific that it left no room for my doubts. The Healing Encounter included Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. At one point, Father Steve invited us all to come up close to Jesus in the Eucharist and pray for healing. His shoulders and hands were covered in the Humeral Veil as he held the Monstrance with the Eucharist. We were invited to touch the Humeral Veil and imagine that we were touching the cloak of Jesus, just like the people did in the Gospel above. God’s healing knows no time limits!

Since April 14th, I have had zero back pain, morning or night. My back feels 10 years younger! Praise the Lord for healing me and for speaking to me so personally through His Word!

The Lord outran me.

Sept 30, 2017

I registered for the Healing the Whole Person retreat with the intention of being an observer only. I was confident that I had been very successful in moving beyond the psychological and spiritual wounds of my past, but I was willing to attend the retreat and pick up a few new tools for my fix-it-myself tool box, for use if ever needed in the future.

I attended the retreat on Thursday and Friday evening. I found the Friday evening "Facing Our Brokenness" journaling exercise overwhelming, painful, and threatening. Needing space, I skipped the Saturday sessions and began using a variety of ego defense mechanisms (denial, rationalizing, justifying, and minimizing) to nullify the horror of having seen two sins that I had paired together to protect myself from vulnerability. My two sins were pride (self-sufficiency) and greed. Greed enabled self-sufficiency, ensured that I needed no one for anything, and provided me with enough cash to throw at any and every problem I faced. I believed that very few problems in life could not be solved if I threw enough cash at them. Yes, I know that is just plain dumb. Despite my attempt to run from my sin and wounds, the Lord outran me.

I sat in mass on Sunday morning, and the priest giving the homily had attended the retreat and delivered to me God's remedy for my sin and wounds -  forgiveness.  As directed by Father Paul, I visualized the three people who had hurt me most in life and walked with them to the Cross.  In a way that I had never been able to do before on my own, I forgave each one of them.  In an instant, I sensed God's love flowing through me like some kind of river.

On Monday my experience was put to the test.  On several occasions over the past seven months I have encountered one particular couple from Iran.  I am sad to say this, but I had nothing but contempt for them.  The woman is in very poor physical health and, on this day, she was confronted with more bad news regarding her illness and cried inconsolably.  Because of what God did in my heart, my attitude towards this woman and her husband changed. Contempt was displaced by love and compassion for her.  I went to her, took and held her hands, talked and expressed compassion to her, and prayed with her and continue to pray for her (I have never prayed with anyone in my life!)   I made certain I said Jesus in the prayer several times, so they wouldn't think I was praying to Allah.  My relationship with this couple has radically changed since that day because my heart was changed. 

In addition, God is beginning to draw me out of self-sufficiency and is giving me a desire to connect with other Christians.  I want and am ready to be part of His body of believers.

Thank you Church of the Resurrection for bringing the retreat to Lansing!

October 19
I shared with you that I prayed with an Iranian lady and her husband. Well, the update is this - Jesus healed her! Her gangrene is reversing; blood flow is back and black tissue is turning pink (healthy tissue). I am so happy for this lady. God is awesome! 

October 28
The Iranian lady is getting better and better.  The scheduled amputation was canceled!  I'm still stunned.

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The Lord is with me.

Oct 6, 2017

At the Healing the Whole Person retreat, I felt a grace from the Lord during the morning session on Saturday. This grace began during the first talk "Encountering the Lord's Love".  Then, Bart shared his testimony and the part he mentioned about seeing his friends play catch or shoot hoops with their father when they were teenagers. Then, he would go home and be hit with a lot of anger because his father wasn't around to spend time with him. Bart kept saying repeatedly about not having a father just struck my heart because I was able to relate to that. I was hit with a lot heat going through my body and emotions were coming out. Then a memory came back to me and I was reminded of my parents divorcing when I was 9 years old. My father wasn't living in the same home as me but he was still around. Also, I was reminded of my experiences at my friends house and seeing how good their family is and when it was time for me to return home I would be hit with anger and wishing I could have a good family. So, this grace reminded me that the Lord is with me and he will continue to work along side me for more healing. When my parents divorced that was when the darkness began in my life. My journey for healing started in 2009 and ever since then I have received a lot of healing but I know that the Lord has more healing for me. I would like to encourage others who are just starting to look for healing to seek the Lord and to work with him. It won't happen overnight and it will be a good journey with the Lord.

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Further Testimonies from the "Healing the Whole Person Retreat".

The "Healing the Whole Person" Retreat took place in September, 2017, at the Church of the Resurrection. Here are just some of the comments that participants made in evaluating their experience of the retreat:

God met me in physical healing. Although I did not raise my hand for prayer, in the midst of chronic pain and need for physical healing, I am afraid to ask for it (the reason is yet to be discerned). But I experienced physical relief in my elbow joints – just a foretaste of the healing he has in store for me.

God helped me to receive love from him, which I feel unworthy to receive. He also helped me recognize several lies I have been agreeing with, and helped me to forgive myself for my imperfections.

I was very worried that I would be left in the same spiritual space. Much to the contrary, I felt inner peace – something I have been without for a very long time. I am moving forwards forgiving people who wounded my spirit as a little girl and as a woman. I can now identify with the parable in the bible of the forgiving ‘slave/landowner’ towards the one who could not forgive who owed him money. I have more forgiveness work to do, but I am loved anyway.

I struggle a lot with the wound of rejection – that I’m not good enough. During my prayer, I felt God telling me, “You are good enough.” And I imagined him walking through the church stretching out his hands to us, offering healing and love.

I came into this retreat with low expectations – I came because my wife asked me to. I have been on a low spiritual plane for a long time and didn’t expect that to change. But today the message of healing clicked and I identified a deep wound and felt healing begin!

I received deep healing in the area of forgiveness. I forgave someone who deeply wounded me and changed my life forever in a painful way. Sr. Miriam (every talk she gave) pierced my heart. I am a victim of sexual abuse and rape. I am an alcoholic… Her life was my life. Her story is my story. I thank God for her. She is truly his instrument.

This experience was blessed. I cried/teared up through most of it. I know a lot of my wounds, as the Lord has spend the last two years working through my purification. But he has revealed other layers I must bring to him. Many say tears are healing. Well I received the gift of tears, so I know he was working on my roundedness.

SO beautiful and SO powerful, is how I describe my experience through this Healing the Whole Person Retreat.  There were many awakenings in my heart, beautiful realizations that our wonderful speakers brought into the light.  It was made so clear that we identify ourselves and relate to others out of our BROKENNESS, but God sees us as His beautiful sons and daughters, in whom He delights!  I was truly awakened to Who I am, What I have, and What I am called to do.  Bart, Kim and Fr. Steve did this beautiful sculpting exercise of the Trinity.  “Jesus” and the “Holy Spirit” had their heads together right at God’s heart, and they were all in a very tight and loving embrace.  It brought tears and goosebumps, and warmth to my soul.  All of this LOVE, that God has designed for us to be a part of, with our spouses and families, was so beautiful to witness.  It felt so tangible, so real.

I had very specific wounds from my younger years, that God brought into the light.  I saw others who hurt me, also in the light of our Father’s eyes.  We prayed out loud a beautiful and powerful forgiveness prayer.  I look forward to more FREEDOM, and less suffering and pain from past wounds.  So many tools we have been given.  My journey is just beginning.

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