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Dan Mattson: "Why I don't call myself gay"

Dan Mattson

Please note that this event is on a Sunday, not Saturday evening.

Daniel Mattson, author of the new book, Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace, will share the journey of his life as the Prodigal Son who left God behind to live the way the world said he could find happiness: accepting that who he felt himself to be was what was true, he embraced an identity as a gay man, found a man to share his life with, and thought he had found happiness and peace. Yet the happiness promised by the gay rights movement remained elusive, and much to his surprise, he finally found the peace and happiness he was looking for in the last place he expected to find it: in the Catholic Church. Since his homecoming, Mattson desires to share with others the freedom he has found, confidently proclaiming that the only place those who consider themselves LGBTQ will ever find the joy, happiness and peace they are looking for is in the Catholic Church.

Daniel C. Mattson is a writer and a public speaker who proclaims the Good News of the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. His story is told in the award-winning documentary Desire of the Everlasting Hills, produced by the Courage Apostolate (everlastinghills.org) His first book, Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace was recently released by Ignatius Press, and features a preface by Cardinal Robert Sarah. His book has been endorsed by Cardinals Dolan, Collins and O’Malley. His writing has appeared in CommunioFirst ThingsThe National Catholic Register, andCrisis Magazine, among others. He is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and has appeared several times on EWTN. A professional orchestral trombone player, Mattson has performed and presented master classes around the world, including at the famed St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia.

Begins: Sun, Nov 19, 2017
2:00 PM
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