Mission Statement

The Church of the Resurrection Library is dedicated to helping patrons enrich their spiritual life in Christ, deepen their knowledge of the Catholic Church and the Faith, guide them in answering the call to holiness and foster an environment that invites and promotes intentional discipleship through a vast array of carefully selected Catholic books, audio and video presentations.   

No Stress Check Out

Books may be checked out for one month—simply put your name, phone number and THIS month on the card from the back of the book. Then drop the card in NEXT month’s slot in the expandable folder on the circulation desk. 

Movies may only be checked out for one week ­ (same process but the card should be placed in the black box marked "Movies").  Enjoy!


Our library has been entirely donated through the generous hearts of our parishioners. When we know the donor, we put their name on the fly leaf and ask readers to pray for the person every time they open the book to read. Even if the person is not listed, we ask the reader to pray for this generous anonymous donor—because God knows who it is. Books may also be donated in the name of a loved one. 

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! Your generous donations have helped us create an amazing Catholic enrichment resource! We have some exciting things on order.

We are no longer accepting “drop off” donations. Please contact the librarian before bringing books unless they are titles from our WISH-LIST. [Available to all for perusal—light blue binder on Librarian’s desk] If you leave a book, be sure to leave your name and phone number for the dedication page.  You may also, email a title list of books you wish to donate from your personal library [in case we already have it] to info@resurrectionlansing.org and put library in the subject line.

While we do have a very few items that are not Catholic [psychology and some classic literature i.e. C.S. Lewis, Tolstoy, Twain] we do not, as a general rule, accept non-Catholic materials. The non-Catholic Books/films are designated with a neon orange sticker and the letters NCAT. 

Connect the Dots…Find the Book you Want!

The library is organized to encourage browsing by topic of interest. You need not know an author or even a title but merely what you are interested in. Church History? Scripture Study? Prayer? Lives of a Saints? Apologetics? Evangelization? or  how about some great leisure reading? Want the Latest book by Pope Francis or to introduce your child to some Catholic Saints?

Each Bookcase is arranged by topic and the spine of the book tells the COLOR DOT that corresponds with the topic.


Contact Information

Contact librarian Thora Wease at the parish office (517) 482-4749.

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Send a message

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