Our prayer ministry system provides a 2-week ROLLING schedule for prayer appointment sign-ups. This ensures that no one has to wait more than two weeks for an appointment. If all appointment slots in the next two weeks seem to be filled, simply wait until the following day(s) and something should become available near the end of the 2-week time period.

You should sign up for no more than one prayer appointment per month using the link below.

What happens at a prayer ministry session?

 A team of two people (usually a man and a woman) will pray with you to receive whatever healing God chooses to give you. You will be given the opportunity to use prayers which will help you to open up more deeply to God.  All of the members of the prayer teams have been trained in in-depth prayer ministry by the John Paul II Healing Center in Florida.

Until further notice, all of our prayer ministry sessions will be "virtual", either by a zoom conference call, or phone call. We can help you set that up if you are unfamiliar with those technologies. These appointments are for virtual prayer sessions. Some in-person appointments may be available in the afternoon. If you would like to request in-person, please mention this when you sign up for an appointment, and someone will contact you.

A good resource for all of us to review is the handout that includes prayers for renouncing lies & deadly sins and announcing the truth. (Download a PDF)

We are now offering in-person prayer sessions at the parish office for those who wish. Zoom sessions will still be available for those who prefer. Please state your preference in the comments when you sign up, along with your email address and cell number.
Please note, in-person appointments are not available if you have suspected COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has the virus.
Our office protocols require you to sign in at the front desk and have your temperature taken upon arrival. Please bring and wear a mask.

Questions?  Please email prayerministry@corlansing.org

Learn more about our Healing Ministry.

Sign up using the link below.

Would you like to sign up for a prayer appointment?  Follow the link below to our sign up form.  We look forward to praying with you!

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Located in the heart of the City of Lansing, the Church of the Resurrection exists to help everyone in our parish family live in the light and hope of the Resurrection.

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All confessions are heard in the church reconciliation room in the vestibule of the church, with proper "social distancing." 

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Mass Times

TUES  |  6:30pm

WED–SAT  |  8:15am

SAT  |  5:00pm 
("at-risk" individuals in main church seating; others in choir loft)

SUN  |  8:00, 9:30am, 11:30am


Confessions are heard in the church reconciliation room, which is in the church vestibule, with proper "social distancing."

TUES  |  7:00-8:00pm
WED-FRI  |  7:45-8:05am
FRI  |  7:00-8:00pm
SAT  |  9:00am (until all are heard)

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TUES  |  7:00-8:00pm
FRI   |  9:00am-8:00pm
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